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At Polimex Forwarding, we provide reliable and efficient sea freight services for your shipping needs. With years of experience in the industry, we are international ocean freight experts who specialize in handling all aspects of sea freight.

Our Services

FCL: Full Container Load

LCL: Less than Full Container Load

Weekly LCL Consolidation Service
to Europe (via Gdynia & Warsaw, Poland)

Drayage and Cross docking

Customs clearance

Blocking, Bracing, Crating and Lashing

Other Special Services

Hazardous Materials
Dangerous Goods

IMO DG Certified Specialist

DG Certification

Project Cargo

Heavy and Oversized Cargo

Special Equipment
and Roll On-Roll Off (RORO) Equipment

Perishable Cargo

Refrigerated Cargo

Temperature Controlled (Reefer)

Personal Effects

Vehicle and Auto shipping

International moving

Our OWN weekly LCL consolidation
service to Europe

You may not always have shipments large enough to occupy an entire standard-sized cargo container. We offer a weekly consolidation service to Europe to take care of your small-volume shipment by consolidating it with other shipments.

With our LCL consolidation service you will:

Meet tight deadlines

Save on extra costs by utilizing consolidation rates

Gain more flexibility to manage your supply chain

Have predictable lead times/shipments
with our weekly departure schedule

Our weekly LCL consolidation
service to Europe


Ocean freight is the most cost-effective way of shipping large quantities of cargo over long distances. The benefit increases as cargo quantities and distance increase.


Ocean freight is more environment-friendly than planes or trucks. As with costs, the benefits increase as cargo quantities and distance increase.

Sizes and weights

Ocean shipping is the ideal method for heavy and/or bulky goods, as it does not have the size and weight constraints of sea freight or road transport.

Inventory management

a boat is like a floating warehouse, where goods are stored free of charge. Depending on the commodity and its seasonality, it can be advantageous to ship goods early and use a long shipping route, in order to save warehousing costs.

Why Use Polimex Forwarding
Sea Freight Services

Our sea freight services are characterized by speed, efficiency, and reliability. Using our services for sea freight can offer several advantages:


We are experts in sea freight logistics and can provide valuable guidance on customs regulations, documentation requirements, and other important considerations that can impact the success of your shipment.

Access to Carrier Networks and Global Agents:

We have established relationships with major ocean shipping lines and global agents which can provide you with access to a wide range of shipping options and routes to secure capacity even in tight markets.

Risk Management:

We can provide insurance and other risk management services to protect your shipment against loss or damage during transit.

Cost Savings:

We can help you to find the best rates and most cost-effective shipping solutions based on your specific needs, which can help you to save money on sea freight costs and reduce overall logistics expenses.

Consolidation Services:

We can help you to consolidate multiple shipments into a single shipment, which can help to reduce shipping costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Full-Service Solutions:

We can offer you full service solutions (door to door) to handle all transport modes and options in one place, including intermodal – land air hybrid solutions.

Overall, working with Polimex Forwarding for sea freight can help to streamline the shipping process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, while ensuring that your shipment is delivered safely and on time.

FAQ – Ocean Freight

How long does ocean freight shipping take?

The transit time for ocean freight shipping varies depending on the origin and destination of the shipment, as well as the chosen shipping route. Generally, it takes several weeks for international shipments, while shorter distances may have quicker transit times.

What types of goods can be shipped via ocean freight?

Ocean freight is suitable for a wide range of goods, including large, heavy, and bulky items. It is commonly used for shipping commodities such as vehicles, machinery, equipment, household goods, and commercial merchandise. 

How are ocean freight rates calculated?

Ocean freight rates are determined based on various factors, including the volume or weight of the shipment, the distance traveled, the chosen shipping route, and any additional services required (such as customs clearance or insurance). It’s best to consult with our experts for accurate pricing.

What is a Bill of Lading (B/L)?

A Bill of Lading (B/L) is a legal document issued by the carrier or shipping line that serves as a receipt for the goods being shipped. It contains important details such as the description of the cargo, the names and addresses of the shipper and consignee, the shipping route, and the terms of the contract of carriage.

What is FCL and LCL in ocean freight shipping?

FCL stands for Full Container Load, which means that a whole shipping container is used exclusively for one customer’s cargo. LCL, on the other hand, stands for Less than Container Load, where multiple customers’ shipments are consolidated into one container. FCL is suitable for larger shipments, while LCL is more cost-effective for smaller volumes.

What are the main shipping documents used?

The main shipping documents include the Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, quota/visa documentation, fumigation certificate, packing materials and weight description, packing list, commercial invoice or inventory list, and any other required legal documents.

What is Cross Trade?

Cross Trade is the transportation of goods between two different locations while your business is situated the third place. It allows businesses to trade efficiently with partners in different countries, expanding their global reach and accessing new markets. Freight forwarders with expertise in cross-trade shipping play a crucial role in managing the complexities of international logistics, ensuring seamless and efficient transportation of goods between different countries. Polimex Forwarding manages the logistics process, including coordinating pickup, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery, ensuring a smooth flow of goods without the need for the buyer and seller to directly interact.

What are Incoterms® and what are some important details to know about them?

Incoterms®, short for International Commercial Terms, are a set of standardized trade terms established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They define the responsibilities, risks, and costs associated with the delivery of goods between buyers and sellers in international trade transactions. It is important to consult with legal and logistics professionals to understand the specific implications and requirements of each Incoterm® in your international trade transactions. Being knowledgeable about Incoterms® helps ensure smooth and efficient trade operations while minimizing disputes and misunderstandings between parties involved in global trade. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if my ocean freight shipment is damaged or lost?

In the unfortunate event of damage or loss, we recommend ensuring your shipment is adequately insured. As your freight forwarder, we can assist you in obtaining cargo insurance to protect your goods during transit. We will also work with you to file any necessary claims and provide support throughout the process.

How do I get started with ocean freight shipping?

To get started with ocean freight shipping, simply contact us through our website or reach out to our customer service team. We will discuss your specific requirements, provide you with a tailored solution, and guide you through the entire process of shipping your goods by sea.

What types of cargo are typically classified as Project Cargo?

Project Cargo often includes specialized cargo such as:  

  • Mining Equipment 
  • Roll On-Roll Off (RORO) Equipment 
  • Heavy and Oversized Machinery 
  • Special Equipment like Open Top Containers, Flat Rack Containers, Platform Containers 
  • Out of Gauge Cargo  

These goods require specific handling and transportation methods due to their size, weight, or unique characteristics, making them fall under the category of Project Cargo 

What are the different types of containers used for shipping?

Common container types include General Purpose (GP), High Cube, Reefer (temperature-controlled), Open Top, Flat Rack, and Tank containers. GP and High Cube are for general cargo, Reefer is for perishables, Open Top is for oversized items, Flat Rack for heavy or bulky cargo, and Tank for liquids or gases.

Our services

Air Freight

Air Freight

Meet customer expectations and deadlines with fast, reliable air freight services at all major hubs around the world.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

At Polimex Forwarding, we provide reliable and efficient sea freight services for your shipping needs.



We have established relationships with reliable trucking partners in order to provide you with affordable and efficient trucking services for your shipping needs.

Warehousing and fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment

We operate a sufferance bonded warehouse located in the Greater Toronto Area where we provide turn-key distribution.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

At Polimex Forwarding, we understand the complexities of international shipping and the importance of seamless customs clearance.

Vehicle shipping

Vehicle shipping

At Polimex Forwarding, we specialize in providing reliable and efficient vehicle shipping services, connecting you to global destinations with ease.

Personal Effects

Personal Effects

Embark on your international relocation journey with confidence and ease with Polimex Forwarding Corp.



Efficient and safe international parcel shipping service, see how we can send your parcel.

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