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Meet customer expectations and deadlines with fast, reliable air freight services at all major hubs around the world. We are IATA certified cargo agents that can provide door to door cargo handling, including for time sensitive cargo and Dangerous Goods (DGD).

Our Services

Air Freight to almost every destination across the world.

Weekly air consolidation service to Europe (via Warsaw, Poland).

Hazardous Goods/Dangerous Goods – IATA DG Certified Specialists

Perishable Cargo: Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled

Project Cargo

Customs Clearance


We offer a weekly air consolidation service from Toronto, Canada to Poland and other European countries (via Warsaw, Poland) which has several advantages:

Weekly direct flights from YYZ to WAW

Help to reduce shipping costs and improve supply chain efficiency by taking advantage of consolidation rates

Fewer handlers & carriers

Regular and reliable departure and arrival times

Advantages of Air Freight


When your goods need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport, no doubt about it. Being able to deliver products faster enables exporters to serve customers better. This translates into happy customers, leading to repeat business. With the option of overnight shipping, we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination in the shortest possible time, meeting urgent timelines and minimizing delays.


The arrival and departure times of flights are highly reliable, as airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. Even missing a flight wouldn’t cause much delay as there are usually flights departing every hour.


As the transportation time for air cargo is comparatively short, the insurance premium is lower. Even if air freight can be expensive, this brings about savings in terms of lower insurance costs.


Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed. Tightly managed airport controls also reduce the cargo exposure to theft and damage.


Quicker transit time reduce the need of in stock inventory and warehousing. This can lead to cost savings and greater efficiency in the supply chain. Customs clearance, cargo inspection and cargo handlers are more efficient, as most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.


Normally, air shipments require less heavy packing than for example ocean shipments. This means that you save both time and money to provide service for additional packing.

Why use our services for air freight

Our air freight services are characterized by speed, efficiency, and reliability. Using our services to move your cargo from point A to Point B, whether by Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) or Passenger Aircraft (PAX), can offer several advantages:

Access to Carrier Networks and Global Agents:

We have established relationships with airlines, other air cargo carriers, and global agents which can provide you with access to a wide range of shipping options and routes.

Oversized Cargo Experts:

We handle oversize cargo with expertise and proficiency. Whether you need to transport large machinery, vehicles, or bulky items, our air freight solutions can accommodate your needs.

Customer Service:

We have been in the business for over 40 years and have established a wide known reputation for providing fast, efficient services with excellent customer service.

Cost Savings:

We can help you to find the best rates and most cost-effective shipping solutions based on your specific needs, which can help you to save money on air freight costs and reduce overall logistics expenses.

Consolidation Services:

We can help you to consolidate multiple shipments into a single shipment, which can help to reduce shipping costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Full-Service Solutions:

We can offer you full-service solutions (door to door) to handle all transport modes and options in one place, including intermodal – land air hybrid solutions.

Overall, working with Polimex Forwarding for air freight can help to streamline the shipping process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, while ensuring that your shipment is delivered safely and on time.

FAQ – Air Freight

Why should I choose air freight over other modes of transportation?

Air freight offers several advantages, including speed, reliability, and global reach. It is the fastest mode of transportation, ensuring timely delivery of goods, and it allows for easy access to remote or distant locations worldwide. 

What types of goods can be shipped by air?

Air freight can handle a wide range of goods, including perishable items, high-value goods, time-sensitive products, and lightweight or compact items. However, there may be restrictions on hazardous materials or items with specific regulations. Please contact us for additional information.  

How long does air freight take?

The transit time for air freight varies depending on the origin and destination, as well as other factors like customs clearance and flight schedules. Generally, it takes a few days to a week for international shipments, while domestic shipments can be delivered within 1-2 days.

What is the difference between Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) and Passenger Aircraft (PAX) in air transportation?

Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) are dedicated cargo carriers designed solely for transporting freight, while Passenger Aircraft (PAX) primarily focus on carrying passengers, but can also accommodate limited cargo. 

Do you offer overnight air freight services for time-critical shipments?

Yes, we can assist and provide overnight air freight services for time-critical shipments. With Polimex Forwarding’s extensive network and strong connections with airlines and logistics partners, we can ensure that your goods are transported via expedited air routes, allowing for quick delivery within the desired timeframe. Our efficient processes and dedicated team enable us to prioritize your urgent shipments and provide reliable overnight air freight solutions to meet your specific needs. Please contact our team for more information.  

What is volumetric/dimensional weight and why is it important in air freight?

Volumetric or dimensional weight is a calculation used to determine the weight of a shipment based on its size or dimensions. It is important in air freight because airlines charge based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher. This ensures that bulky, lightweight shipments are charged appropriately. 

What is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight?

The actual weight of a shipment refers to the physical weight of the goods in kilograms or pounds. On the other hand, the volumetric weight is a calculated weight based on the dimensions of the shipment. The purpose of calculating the volumetric weight is to account for large, lightweight shipments that take up space but do not weigh much, ensuring fair pricing for air freight services.

How is volumetric weight calculated in air freight?

To calculate the volumetric weight of a shipment, the dimensions (length, width, and height) are measured in centimeters or inches. Then, the volume is calculated by multiplying the dimensions. The resulting volume is divided by a volumetric conversion factor, which varies depending on the unit of measurement used. The final result is the volumetric weight of the shipment, which is compared to the actual weight to determine the chargeable weight for air freight. 

How do I determine the “Volume weight”?

Volume weight is determined by using the following calculation for those shipments with dimensions in centimeters: (Length x Width x Height) divided by 6,000 = volume in kilograms. 

What documents are required for air freight shipments?

Common documents include the commercial invoice, air waybill (AWB), packing list, and any relevant permits or certificates. Additionally, specific documents may be required based on the nature of the goods and the countries involved. Our team can guide you through the documentation process. 

What is a B13 form and when is it required for air freight shipments?

A B13 form, also known as an Export Declaration, is a document used in Canada for reporting exports. It is required by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and must be completed for certain air freight shipments. The B13 form is typically required for air freight shipments when the value of the goods being exported from Canada exceeds CAD $2,000 or when specific commodities or destinations are involved. It serves as a declaration of the goods being exported and provides important information to the CBSA.

How do I know if B13 is required for my shipment?

It’s important to consult with your freight forwarder or customs broker to determine if your air freight shipment requires a B13 form and to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. We can guide you through the process and assist with the completion and submission of the necessary documentation.

Do you offer customs clearance services for air freight shipments?

Yes, we provide comprehensive customs clearance services for air freight shipments. Our experienced team will handle all necessary paperwork, ensure compliance with customs regulations, and facilitate the smooth clearance of your goods.

What happens if my air freight shipment is damaged or lost?

In the unfortunate event of damage or loss, we recommend ensuring your shipment is adequately insured. As your freight forwarder, we can assist you in obtaining cargo insurance to protect your goods during transit. We will also work with you to file any necessary claims and provide support throughout the process. 

Should I insure my air cargo?

While we take every possible precaution to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo, it is important to acknowledge that certain circumstances may be beyond our control. Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to secure proper insurance coverage for their cargo. Having comprehensive cargo insurance provides you with increased peace of mind and the guarantee of reimbursement in case of any unforeseen incidents that may occur during transit. 

How do I get started with air freight services?

To get started, simply contact us through our website or reach out to our customer service team. We will discuss your specific requirements, provide you with a tailored solution, and guide you through the entire process of shipping your goods by air. 

Our services

Air Freight

Air Freight

Meet customer expectations and deadlines with fast, reliable air freight services at all major hubs around the world.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

At Polimex Forwarding, we provide reliable and efficient sea freight services for your shipping needs.



We have established relationships with reliable trucking partners in order to provide you with affordable and efficient trucking services for your shipping needs.

Warehousing and fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment

We operate a sufferance bonded warehouse located in the Greater Toronto Area where we provide turn-key distribution.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

At Polimex Forwarding, we understand the complexities of international shipping and the importance of seamless customs clearance.

Vehicle shipping

Vehicle shipping

At Polimex Forwarding, we specialize in providing reliable and efficient vehicle shipping services, connecting you to global destinations with ease.

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Personal Effects

Embark on your international relocation journey with confidence and ease with Polimex Forwarding Corp.



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