Personal Effects

Personal shipment and relocation

There are many reasons why people want to ship their personal and household effects such as sports equipment or house hold from Canada to Europe; Whether you’re returning to Europe after a few years in Canada or are just setting out on an overseas adventure, having your personal effects with you as soon as possible will help you to settle in and feel at home as quickly as possible.

Whatever the reason, if you need to ship your personal effects via freight to Europe*, Polimex Forwarding can help. 

We have an extensive network of companies capable of providing expert care in shipping your personal effects. We move your personal effects safely, at fair prices, and on time to the final destination.

We also offer the freight services for sending cars from Canada to Europe*. 

To find out more about our reliable, affordable and convenient shipping services please contact us at

 *Some restriction may apply.

List of the counties: Poland, Spain, Cech Republic, Hungry, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Portugal, Germany



  •  Valid Polish passport
  •  List of resettlement goods - quantity, value, description of the goods (you can find an example of the list in the annex)
  •  In the case of shipment of motor vehicles - registration certificate of the car, motor, etc.
  •  Documents proving that the person has lived in Canada for the past 12 months (e.g. bank accounts, job statement, car safety, house charges, etc.)
  •  Authorization form for our agent in Poland to represent the client at check-in (form attached).
  •  Transport invoice
  •  Copy of the consignment note (bill of lading)


 If you would like to receive more details about the shipment of resettlement property or receive an estimated cost, please contact our cargo office.

Additional information:


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